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Want to Increase Efficiency? Get Yourself a Good Office Desk

Ergonomically designed chairs and energy-efficient lighting are all the rage in office décor. However, when it comes to designing an office, it’s also important to get yourself a good office desk in order to make the most efficient use of both your office space and your work time. Below are five important considerations to keep in mind when purchasing an office desk.

1. Quality

Whether you’re considering a classic desk made of solid wood or a more modern design with elements of aluminum and glass, your desk should be able to withstand every-day use for years to come. Although not always obvious, conditions such as wobbly legs and broken drawers can impact your ability to carry out desk-related functions quickly and easily. Over time, these seemingly small inconveniences can add up to significant losses in efficiency. 

2. Workspace

Maybe you spend most of your day on computer-based activities, handling very little paperwork. Or, perhaps you spend a great deal of time reviewing files, dealing with papers and meeting with clients at a home office. It’s important to think about the types of activities that take up most of your day and the amount of desk workspace you need in order to best accomplish them.

3. Size and Shape

A desk that is too large for the room, or too small for the space, can impact your productivity and efficiency. The size of the desk you choose should provide ample space for you to move to and from your desk and around your office. The shape of your desk is also a key consideration. If clients or colleagues spend time with you at your desk working on tasks, it’s important to consider a shape that is conducive to team work, such as an L-shaped unit.

4. Style

It’s no secret that we work best in environments that our pleasing to us. Therefore, when choosing a desk, it’s important that it reflects your personal style. Whether the desk you choose is classic or modern, L-shaped or oblong, you should feel “at home” as you tackle the day’s work.

5. Storage Space

Being organized is a crucial part of being efficient. Consider desk features with storage space that put your most used items within reach. Pull out trays for keyboards and desk drawers for supplies, for example, serve to help you access what you need quickly and easily while keeping desktop clutter at a minimum. 

The desk you choose is an important consideration when designing any office for efficiency and productivity. By keeping in mind these key considerations, you’re sure to find a desk that helps you better sail through your day with ease. 


This guest post was provided by officedesk.com, a leading online retailer of high quality office desks and chairs.