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Four Aspects To Consider When Shopping For A Conference Room Chair

Different areas around the office require different types of chairs. A chair used for sitting at a desk might not be the right chair for a meeting or boardroom. Conference room chairs are an essential piece of furniture for companies and businesses. They must balance comfort, style and budget for the business. They are often the first impression that a client has. As a result, these chairs can set the professional tone. Just as shopping for an office chair is different from shopping for other types of chairs, you need to look out for a number of aspects to a conference chair in order to select the right one for the business or company.

1. Style and Type of Business

It might not seem like a factor to consider when buying a meeting room chair, but you need to think about your type of business and the style of the office. If an office is much more modern, the boardroom chair should reflect that style. A mismatched-looking office won’t give off an air of professionalism to clients. The style of chair will often be the first impression that a client or guest has before they even sit down.

2. Adjustable Armrests

Most conference room chairs have some sort of armrests. While fixed armrests aren’t recommended for desks where you sit for hours on end, a conference room chair can have armrests. However, if you plan on having long meetings in the boardroom, it is best to seek out a chair that has adjustable armrests. The adjustable feature will make it possible for the user to lower or raise the armrests and thus prevent the shoulders from rising. Armrests that don’t adjust can induce back pain as a result.

3. Adjustable Height

Even if you can’t afford to have all ergonomic features included in your meeting room chairs, one necessary ergonomic feature is height adjustment. While most conference seats don’t come with a wealth of capabilities, most at least have a height adjustment feature. It is good to have seat height adjustment options for those longer meetings. The feature will promote better posture and lead to more comfortable interactions.

4. Material

In addition to the style of the office, the material of the chair can also dictate which one you should buy. Chairs will be upholstered in all sorts of materials, from leather to vinyl. Leather is frequently selected for meeting rooms, as it exudes a certain elegance and opulence. It is also always a comfortable choice for meetings. If your boardrooms get a lot of use, leather can be the most durable and easy to clean. Of course, if you can’t afford all leather chairs in your boardrooms, vinyl is a good option. It still lends that look of leather without the cost. The bottom line is that the material that you select for a conference room chair should be comfortable, with thick foam on the seat and back. If your chair doesn’t provide some cushion, your clients can’t get down to business in the meeting room.


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