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Factors To Think About When Choosing An Office Space

Office space is an essential aspect in every nature of business that will determine the success of the company. Employees spend more than 40 hours inside office spaces to do their job responsibilities. Within these office spaces, employees and management gather for a meeting, socialize, and work. Thus, it is imperative to choose carefully the office space for your business. Consider the following factors in this article to help you choose the right office space for your business operations if you are a start-up company or if you want to transfer your operations to a different setting.

  1. Consider the location. Location is a primary factor to consider because if the location is amenable your people will find it easy and convenient. The key in finding the right location is safety, transportation, and facilities. If you found a cheap location, check if the neighborhood is safe to protect your people against hoodlums and other unwarranted events. Next, check on the availability of transportation within the area. Majority of your people will commute from their homes to your office space so check if commute transportation is possible. Facilities within the location are important because it will allow your people to locate the nearest restaurant or convenience store to grab their food and drinks. Your office space location will also affect the way you conduct business with your prospective clients. If your area is located in a place where many businesses are it will be plus points for you. Do remember that clients will also judge your company based on your location.
  2. Consider the building premises. Once you have chosen the right location for your office space, you will need to check the buildings within the area where you can set up your office space. In choosing the building you must be objective. Key factors to consider is security, maintenance, parking space, competitors, and noise. Security is always a given. Do make sure that the building has a working security system in place, a team of security personnel, and a receptionist to handle guests and visitors. Maintenance is important because you don’t want to set up your office space inside a dilapidated building. Check if they have a maintenance team in place. Parking space is important and must be available for different types of vehicle from bicycles to cars. Clients and employees will look forward to the parking area. Setting an office space near your competitors is a big no-no. The building provides a list of tenants to help you decide whether your competitor is in the same building or not. Lastly, noise can decrease productivity so stir away from buildings beside ongoing constructions. Remember to read carefully the terms and conditions of the building prior to signing the lease contract.
  3. Consider the available space. Now that you have signed the lease contract, you are now ready to choose your office space. Consider the following key factors in choosing your office space – room size, interior, and wirings. Choose a room size enough for your people. Get rid of extravagance, go for adequate room space. The room must not be too tight or too large for your business needs. Hire an interior designer to recreate the office space interiors. Get a concept of what you want your office space to be – modern, techie, or classic. Wirings are important because it will help you set up your office equipments such as computers, printers, telephone, and fax machines conveniently. Ask the building if they have ready wirings installed inside the office space to save cost and energy.
  4. Consider the costs to incur. Costs are important to consider in choosing the right office space. Know the budget you have to help you decide on the right office space. Do remember that price is not the primary factor in considering the office space. Negotiation will help you lower the costs from leasing the office space.
  5. Consider the insurance. Insurance is optional but it is advisable to maintain for unforeseeable events such as building fires, earthquakes, among others. It may add to your expenses but you will greatly benefit from it.

Choosing the right office space can be tedious and time consuming but it will become breezy if you follow the tips mentioned above. As you start your first day in your new office space, make sure to create a culture of excellence and productivity while maintaining a healthy relationship between employees and management.


The writer of the article is Eagar Togo, who was searching suitable space for his company. Then he was suggested to go through pwbc.ie for information.